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Stump Grinding

clickhereA DANGEROUS task that we handle with ease.

  • Damaged Trees
  • Dead Trees
  • Existing Stumps

STUMPED About the Best Way to Remove Tree Stumps?
Although people do not think about stump removal as often as tree cutting and tree trimming, stump removal is an important aspect of tree care.

Most common reasons to remove a stump:

  • They can be dangerous. People may accidentally trip on a stump and injure themselves. Also, stumps can damage your lawn mower.
  • If you are landscaping, stumps are not visually pleasing.
  • Stumps are hard to avoid, especially when mowing the lawn.
  • Stumps can cause tree sprouts, resulting in new tree growth. That does not look good aesthetically, and could end up being expensive. Also, it can take away nutrients from nearby plants.
  • If stumps are rotting, they can entice insects. Insects are annoying in your yard, but even more bothersome if they end up in your home.
  • Stumps take up space in your yard that you most likely want to use for something visually appealing, such as a garden.

Here are the different ways to remove your stump:

  • Chemical stump removal. In this process, chemical compounds such as potassium nitrate help the tree rot faster. Chemical fertilizers that have high nitrogen content also help the decay. Then, arborists drill holes in the stump. They fill the holes with a mix of water and the chemical. After weeks or months when the stump decays to the point where it is soft, the stump is broken up and taken out by a pickaxe and axe.
  • Burning stump removal. First, holes are drilled in the stump. Next, kerosene or fuel oil is placed in the holes. After that, a match is put in each hole. The stump will burn, and eventually become a hole.
  • Rotting stump removal. This method requires little effort. The stump decomposes by itself. This is a good option if the stump is pretty small. Putting fertilizer or soil on the stump will help the stump decay. After a while, you can remove the stump from the ground.
  • Stump grinding removal. A tool called a stump grinder slices the stump into pieces. It also takes away debris from around the stump. Then, a chainsaw is used to take away most of the stump, cutting it very close to the ground.

Stump grinding can be done on your own, but most of the time it makes more sense for an arborist to take care of it. Often, removing a stump is time consuming and dangerous. Usually, it is best to hire skilled arborists. All About Tree Care will ensure that your stump removal goes smoothly.

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