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Drainage Issues


Drainage Issues a Drag?

All About Tree Care Can Help Guide You in the Right Direction

Nothing damages a home’s foundation, or expensive landscaping like drainage and water problems.

Landscapes should be designed so that rainwater can be directed away from the property, naturally moving the flow of water. Avoiding drainage problems all together!

Several options exist to combat drainage issues; First and foremost, the installation of FRENCH and other drainage systems is highly recommended.

French drains are used to help drain water away from an area. Generally, a ditch lined with rocks or gravel, it is utilized to protect the foundation of a house or any structure from both ground and surface water.

A secondary option exists in “property grading”…

You can ensure a level, and secure ground base through the use of gravel, soil or any porous material to help alleviate any draining issues.

Additional Methods:

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are useful in many ways. They help bolster areas of loose soil to prevent ground shifting and runoff; they hold lawns and flowerbeds in place; and they can add an attractive landscaping feature to your property. The construction of retaining walls can be simple or complex, depending on your needs.

Drain-Tile Systems
A drain tile is typically a PVC pipe with weep holes on one side, laid in a trench, and surrounded or shielded with stone or gravel. The stone around it protects it from being damaged. It serves to collect water around the basement foundation and direct the flow toward the sump crock for it to be eventually pumped out.

Although All About Tree Care does not provide drainage and grading services we have a network of trusted partners who can assist you with solutions. Simply give us a call and All About Tree Care will put you in touch with a reputable local expert!

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