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Bring New Life to Your Home Landscape

Many homeowners often become tired of the colorless, mundane landscape design inhabiting their yards. However when it comes time to make a change, many become confused and often lack direction or proper guidance.

Our professional arborists wanted to provide some helpful tips and knowledge to give your landscape the style and charm you’ve been looking for.
With a variety of tree and shrub options, it can be intimidating.

Invest some time before you begin your landscape project to help determine which trees, shrubs, bushes and other flowering plants will be best suited to your front and/or backyard landscape vision.

All about tree care believes in the importance of inspiring people to plant, care for, and appreciate plant life.
A front and back yard should not be a burden to homeowners, but rather something to celebrate and enjoy!

Flowering Trees

The installation of flowering trees alongside shade trees makes for a phenomenal pairing to any yard landscape. In addition to the contrasting diversity, flowering trees offer both beautiful floral features and seasonal significance.

When choosing from the wide variety of species available, consider some of the following factors:

  • Consider the size and appearance of the tree long-term
  • Durability and resistance to insects, weather, diseases and pruning
  •  Appearance and color of flower/fruit bloomage

Choosing Ideal Shrubs

Similar to trees, and other flowering plants it’s important to take into account several factors before choosing the ideal shrubs for your landscaping needs.

Are the grounds in good condition? Is there enough shade or sunlight to support the shrubs? Will the local climate sustain healthy growing habits?

Most importantly consider the amount of time your willing to dedicate to grooming your yard. There are many varieties of shrubs suited to thrive in less than ideal conditions with little care or maintenance.

Final Considerations to Keep in Mind

Making the decision to create and maintain a home landscape is rewarding endeavor!

By taking this action the value of the property will rise, aesthetics of the yard's health and beauty will engage visitors, most importantly your family can now enjoy a higher quality of life.

A vibrant home landscape is the effort of hard work and dedication, but the years of relaxation and enjoyment that follow will payoff.

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