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Storm Damage Prevention & Clean Up


Springtime Storm Damage Prevention – Avoid the Clean Up

Springtime has arrived for us here in the Midwest, like many you may be eager to enjoy time outdoors getting the most out of your homes landscape. But springtime also means burdensome storms, microbursts, lightening, hail, tornadoes and high winds. Late snowfall is not uncommon either, all these factors contribute to unexpected stress on trees and plants on your property.

Damage and aggravation can be avoided however, if homeowners take simple precautions and consult a tree care specialist prior to the approaching storm season. Preventative tree care measures will save money, offer peace of mind, and help ensure avoided property damage to your home or vehicle.

Damage Potentials from Spring Storm Season Includes:

  • Overhanging/extended branches causing a threat to home or vehicle.
  • Noticeable leaning of trees in prominent direction.
  • Trees/branch limbs close to power lines and service lines.
  • Trunk/branch limb fissures and cracks.
  • Aged trees, susceptible to disease, decay or that maybe hollow.
  • Heart-rot, root-rot and cankers

All of the above listed factors are at high risk during spring storms, proper maintenance and preparation are necessary for trees and plants to withstand these harsh storms.