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Tree Bracing & Cabling

Tree Bracing & Cabling

Co-Dominant stems are a very common growth problem in trees. This occurs when a trunk produces two stems in a V configuration that are roughly the same thickness and weight. This provides constant pressure at the center of the tree and will eventually lead to a split trunk. Ice storms, high winds, and the weight of snow can have disastrous results on a tree with a co-dominant stem. Cabling and Bracing are great solutions to help trees with co-dominant stems. Cabling and bracing support the tree at it’s fork, preventing further cracking or splitting. Because this procedure requires penetrating tree stems, it is important to utilize a trained arborists, who can brace a tree without damaging its health.

Cabling and Guying are great solutions for age, damage, or other growth issues. A tree's environment can sometimes cause irregularities in growth, especially as the tree ages. This can lead to imbalanced conditions in which main branches create too much weight pressure on the trunk line. Cabling can significantly extend the life of your tree. Main branches can be cabled to the trunk line (as shown on the left).

Aging trees, however, are not the only ones to benefit from cabling. Younger trees who are experiencing irregular growth can be anchored to the ground or to other trees to properly guide vertical growth.

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