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Tree Trimming



We specialize in tree trimming for:

  • Damaged Trees
  • Overgrown Trees
  • Clearing power lines and buildings
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Overall health of the tree.

All about trees carefully ropes all heavy limbs to keep your home and your lawn from being damaged by their fall.

Our commitment to fully insuring our staff and our work gives you the peace of mind that the job will not only be done right, but with no risk to your property.

Learn more about the importance of tree trimming.

Tree Trimming – Taking the Safe Approach:
Have you ever wanted to trim a neighbor’s tree that is infringing on your property? It may seem like a good idea at the time, and it is legal as long as you do not cross your property line. However, trimming a tree non-professionally is highly dangerous. People have been seriously injured and killed due to trees and tree limbs falling unexpectedly, falling from a ladder or branch, and electrocution. Also, falling limbs and trees have damaged houses. There is no reason to risk your home and maybe your life when All About Trees specializes in tree trimming. Skilled arborists will make sure there is no damage done while your trees are trimmed.

There are many reasons why your trees need trimming. Firstly, trimming ensures that trees stay healthy. This means that trees can guard themselves against diseases and insects that rotting trees attract. Trimming eliminates parasitic plants that may deform a tree or ruin its growth. Also, trimming gives a tree better ventilation, so the tree is less disturbed by storms and winds.

Another reason why trimming is crucial: it generates more sunlight for grass in your yard. Selective trimming produces space for sunlight to sift through tree branches, onto grass.

Tree trimming is also beneficial because it enhances the tree’s natural lines, making the tree more visually attractive.

Most importantly, a trimmed tree is a safe tree. Trimmed tree limbs are much less likely to fall on local power lines or on your house during a bad storm.

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