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    Cutting the roots allows for proper growth and development.

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    Uprooting gives new life and new looks to your tree.

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Tree Care Tips?


  • Emerald Ash Borer

    The (EAB) is an exotic and evasive species of beetle right in your own backyard! Known for their destructive habits feasting on the inner bark, these beetles can wreak havoc. If you need help with an infestation All About Tree Care is the professional source for expert care, treatment, and advice...

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  • Hardiness Zone

    The hardiness zone determines a trees ability to withstand the most extreme winter and summer temperatures. Contact All About Tree Care, we can inform you on what type of trees will grow best where you live...

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  • How to Plant a Tree  

    There are many ways to plant a tree, but if done improperly, it can damage and sometimes kill the tree, but with careful planning you can avoid many common mistakes. Planting a tree is a wonderful activity, and your doing something good for the environment. Remember to take care of your trees. Water them regularly. And if you need any advice with planting or caring for your trees, give us a call...

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  • How to Protect Your Tree's 

    All About Tree Care can educate you on how to protect your tree from any threat. Animal, Weather, and infestation damage are common concerns. All About Tree Care helps customers understand the quality of care necessary for the health of their trees...

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  • Oak Wilt 

    A fungus that affects all types of oak trees and is easily spread, there is no way to heal or cure an oak tree once infected. The certified arborists from All About Tree Care know what an infected oak tree looks like, and will be able to advise you on the next steps for proper tree removal...

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  • Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is a technique that can be successfully learned by many homeowners with some research and practice. Most instances where pruning may be necessary is something you can do without professional assistance.