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    Cutting the root ball helps secure the life of the tree.

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    Spreading Mulch helps lock in moisture.


Planting a Tree



How to Properly Plant a Tree

You come home from a tree store/nursery with a new tree and are so excited to get the tree into the ground, but there is just one problem, how do you properly plant a tree? There are many ways that people suggest to plant a tree, but if
done improperly the root ball (the ball of roots) can be damaged and the tree may die. Also, do not take the tree out of its protective casing before you are ready to plant it. The roots can dry out quickly. These first steps are important so not to cause added stress to the tree.

There are a few items required for planting a tree:

  • Gloves
  • Shovel
  • Compost or some sort of manure
  • Water hose or watering can
  • Scissors
  • Mulch
  • Tree stakes
  • Rope

Once you have the desired location for the new tree, ensure that there are no utility lines near the dig site. If you have already decided on the location and it is near a utility box or near a mail box, it is important to have the city come out and mark where the utility lines are. In Missouri visit https://www.mo1call.com
and in Kansas visit http://www.kansasonecall.com Depending on the size
of the tree, the hole can be very deep. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Steps For Planting A Tree:

  • Dig the hole. The hole for the tree should be at least 4 to 5 times larger than the bulb of the tree. The bulb of the tree is the root system. Using a rounded shovel sometimes helps with digging the hole. Although square shovels will work too.

  • Remove the tree from its casing. Some smaller trees come in plastic buckets and larger ones come wrapped in a burlap sack, and if the tree has wiring around the root system, leave it there. This keeps the roots held together nicely and safe from being damaged during planting.

  • Place the tree gently in the ground. Make sure the hole is not too small, or too deep. If it is too small, the hole will need to be dug deeper, and if it is too big, the hole will need to be filled in some. If the hole is too big, there will be too much room around the base of the tree and water will pool around the roots making it a possible for the tree to drown. Too much water around a newly planted tree is one of the main causes of an early death in new trees.

  • If the soil is clay like or sandy, manure or compost will need to be added as the tree is planted. It is best to do the first 1/3 soil, than a 2 inch layer of manure or compost and 5 inches of soil and 1 inch of manure or compost and repeat until the tree is completely covered. Make sure no roots are exposed. Stop filling in soil when the crown of the tree is covered. The crown is where the roots turn into the stem of the tree. Finally, cover the hole with mulch. This helps keep the water in and the weeds out.

  • Now water the tree until the soil is nice and wet, not sopping wet with the water running off, but wet enough. Check on the tree every few hours the first day, and water as the soil dries. The roots are going to drink an extreme amount of water the first few days of planting.

  • If the tree is small, it may need to be stabilized with tree stakes and rope. It is a good idea to stake all newly planted trees for at least a year to ensure a straight growth. You can purchase large tree stakes at most hardware stores. Place 2 to 3 stakes around the tree, probably about 6 to 12 inches away from the tree. Next, take rope and tie the rope from one tree stake to the trunk of the tree. Repeat with all stakes. Make sure the ropes are taught, not to tight and not to lose.

Trees add beautiful landscape to property, shady places to sit and relax. Remember to take care of your trees. Water them regularly. And if you need any advice with planting or caring for your trees, or you would like someone else to get their hands dirty and do the planting, you can always call All About Tree Care or contact us, if we do not answer, please leave a message, we will return your call as soon as possible.

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